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David Sorita 300x225 Tagg Romney: Mr. White PrivilegeThat was the title of the hate mongering article being peddled by the left-wing doper baby, David Sirota. He dishonestly weaseled his way into our midst because some idiot forgot to flush after they gave birth to modern liberalism. His miraculous powers of telepathy openhandedly deciphered the encrypted hatred permeating from the “bright white” aura of Tagg Romney.

Fearing the narrative would be misunderstood by the developmentally challenged readers and using “white” in a masturbatory manner was not enough, he massaged the left-wing whackos’ ultra tolerant “G” spot with a capital “W” at indiscriminate points, bringing them to a euphoric orgasm.

The article was not intended to about a “White Privileged” man angered by an African American. He purposely peddled the false premise of racial hatred to incite anger among his loyal readers. The dishonest salesman of tolerance, diversity, and perversity has lined his pockets, advancing his personal fortunes at America’s expense. This clucking capon and his psychopathic followers have dominated the public consciousness for years, expecting us to pay attention to their cancerous drivel.

Another propaganda article peddled on his blog appeared on the eve of the Batman movie massacre. The dyed -in-dung liberal spun Batman into a villain that persecutes the Occupy Rape movement which has been defecating within our city parks. Seizing the opportunity to exploit the unstable liberal nut bars, he characterized Mitt Romney as the Dark Night who attacks the 99%.

Sirota and his co-host spew their venom on AM630 KHOW in Colorado and could easily have been the brain beating voice that James Holmes, “The Joker”, has been hearing during his Vicodin induced paranoia episodes. The article about “Batman Romney” appeared the night before the shooting. Did he chamber the bullet and sent “The Joker” over the edge?

holms Tagg Romney: Mr. White Privilege

He is just as responsible as Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin or The Tea Party for the shooting of Gabby Giffords by another pot smoking liberal.

Either claim is as delusional as Tag Romney wanting to “slug” the President because he is African American or Mitt Romney is The Dark Night out to destroy the Occupy Rape movement.

One thing is for sure; he didn’t care about the deaths of those killed in the movie theater. Instead he mocks it and sees it as another opportunity to make a few bucks by driving traffic to his radio website.

The liberals can trash whoever they want. It’s their right, even if they are dyed-in-dung, race baiting, jackbooted Bib monsters. Their only purpose in life is to cause hatred, disunity, decadence, to emasculate, disarm and plunge us into the cesspool of moral chaos.

eat a banker 300x218 Tagg Romney: Mr. White Privilege

They are the Zombie apocalypse; limited by basic motor skills and void of reasoning, planning, emotions or problem solving. They are robotic in nature; pre-programmed to be conservaphobic, to pollute what we believe in, trample on our churches, our synagogues, our flag, our memory and our children’s minds. They are dangerous with their arrogant accomplices in the media and their twisted mind-numbing message of ultra-tolerance.

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