Eighth Grader Faces 1 Year In Jail For Wearing A NRA T-Shirt

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Welcome to Lib-topia, where freedom of expression is suppressed and dissenters face jail time. Is this what Eric Holder meant by brain washing America into fearing guns? Or are we suppose to fear tyrannical government?
The more I hear about moon bats ridiculous attacks on children, the more I appreciating private schools and my 2nd Amendment rights. I  am still waiting for the NSA to mail me the backup to my hard drive.

We have gone from pop tarts, big gulps, t-shirts and little deaf boy’s names; what is next?

The wacho-left are concerned about the food we eat, the car’s we drive, how we worship, where we worship and the shape of our children’s pop tarts, but they parade around in street dressed like vaginas, sodomizing eachother in public bathrooms. They want to teach our kindergarteners sexual deviant behavior as long as you do not give them a Pop tart shaped like a gun.

The sooner we realize that modern day liberalism is a mental disorder, the sooner we can soon they will crawl into the waste basket of history.

This is the ignorance of liberalism;

The Daily News

A West Virginia teen who was arrested after refusing to change out of his National Rifle Association T-shirt at school could face a fine and even jail time on a related charge.

A judge in Logan County Court is allowing prosecutors to charge 14-year-old Jared Marcum with obstructing an officer in the April 18 incident, reported CBS affiliate WOWK-TV.

The arresting officer in Logan, a city about an hour south of Charleston, said that Marcum wouldn’t stop talking during the frenzy at Lincoln Middle School, the station said.

The judge’s decision last week against Marcum now means prosecutors can seek a $500 fine and up to a year in jail for the former eighth-grader.

But the teen’s stepdad vows the family won’t back down.

Eric Holder telling the media that he wants to ‘brainwash’ America about guns… to paraphrase, intimidate, scare and if necessary…jail!

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