EXCLUSIVE! “Remember America”…

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By Sandy Stringfellow

Remember an idea known as America
A land of opportunity for one and all
Bastion of freedom and personal liberty
Of property rights and the rule of law

An exceptional Constitutional Republic
Unlike any government known to exist
Over the course of our human history
Brought forth from inspirational genius

Remember an idea known as America
For which our Founders risked everything
Pledging lives, fortunes and sacred honor
To establish what was worth cherishing

Where moral integrity was self-actualized
Through Judeo-Christian traditional principles
Hard work, family values, and patriot’s faith
Made us one nation under God indivisible

Remember an idea known as America
Her people worshiping as they saw fit
Without government restriction or coercion
Attacking conservatives determined to resist

With free markets we were free to choose
Risks and rewards were matters of fact
Encouraging character and thrift behavior
Accountability was reality, not abstract

Remember an idea known as America
Before the Progressive Marxist culture war
Where rugged individuality and self-reliance
Were celebrated rather than abhorred

Entitlement mentality an unknown concept
Dependency acknowledged as a weakness
Doing the job right is what mattered most
Instead of a path to the least resistance

Remember an idea known as America
When children actually learned how to think
Before our educational system metastasized
Indoctrination camps teaching what to believe

Back when kids sang God Bless America
Pledging allegiance to the Stars and Stripes
Discovering necessity in life’s competitions
So that economic prosperity may survive

Remember an idea known as America
Proud defender of the Red, White and Blue
Before treason by elected representatives
Following the money while inflicting abuse

As tentacles of an ever-expanding state
Force upon us a transformational change
Republicans and Democrats strangely unified
Facilitating destruction by fanning the flames

(C) Copyright Sandy Stringfellow/2013

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