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Liberal Crying 300x261 Playing The Victim

Oliver Willis, in “The Daily Banter” wrote about the “right’s perpetual victimhood”. He goes on “bantering” how the righties “act as if they and they alone are among the persecuted.” He continues to complain how the left “go to ‘ridiculous’ lengths… to treat [our] absurd beliefs/politics/ideas as legitimate.”

“This hysteria doesn’t even include the absurd race-based conspiracies that have become conservative mainstream thought. Black panthers, black nationalism, black liberation theology, etc. have all been described as the “real” motivation behind Obama’s actions. The man who has more in common with Heathcliff Huxtable is described as the intellectual offspring of Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X, and The Boogeyman. Why? Because it allows conservatives to be the wimps they often accuse liberals of being.”

I found this article interesting because I was reading through several books which talk about playing victim. In Petruska Clarkson book, “Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy”, she describes the reasons why a person playing victim would adopt the role in “bad faith.” The victim is usually the abuser, either to themselves or to divert attention away from their victims. Several psychologists have written books about it and suggested it has to do with “objects relations theory.” It describes a psyche that one would develop while growing up in relation to others and their environment. Dr. Rossiter, a 40 year veteran of forensic psychiatry, with a special interest in “personality pathology” and “developmental origins” wrote;

 “It does not seek a society of sovereign citizens, but fosters instead a society of allegedly victimized dependents under the custodial care of the state. In keeping with its origins in early childhood, the …. agenda endorses self-indulgence through short-term hedonism and primitive impulse gratification. In keeping with its ethic of injustice collecting, the agenda seeks ever increasing government regulation to defeat alleged villains, and ever increasing levels of unearned compensation, reparation and restitution to compensate alleged victims. In keeping with its secular tradition, modern liberalism attacks the legitimacy of formal religion, dismisses its historical importance and denies its critical role in maintaining the nation’s moral integrity. “

The word “victim” has become a key word in American politics. The victim idiom has been pivotal to fierce disputes over welfare states, criminal justice reform and the culture wars. “Victim playing” has become a way to justify to themselves and others; how they…themselves have treated others. It is a way to deal with the cognitive dissonance. The person seeks attention, pity and has an intense narcissistic need to see themselves as “champions of the oppressed” so they venture out to seek an oppressed class of people to champion. They are really Alfred P. Doolittles from “My Fair Lady”

Higgins:You mean to say you’d sell your daughter for fifty pounds?

Pickering:Have you no morals man?

Alfred P. Doolittle:No, no, I can’t afford ‘em, gov’ner. Neither could you if you was as poor as me. Not that I mean any ‘arm, mind you, but if Eliza’s getting a bit out of this, why not me too? Eh? Why not? Well, look at it my way – what am I? I ask you, what am I? I’m one of the undeserving poor, that’s what I am. Now think what that means to a man. It means that he’s up against middle-class morality for all of time. If there’s anything going, and I puts in for a bit of it, it’s always the same story: “you’re undeserving, so you can’t have it.” But my needs is as great as the most deserving widows that ever got money out of six different charities in one week for the death of the same ‘usband. I don’t need less than a deserving man, I need more! I don’t eat less ‘earty than ‘e does, and I drink, oh, a lot more. I’m playin’ straight with you. I ain’t pretendin’ to be deserving. No, I’m undeserving. And I mean to go on being undeserving. I like it and that’s the truth. But, will you take advantage of a man’s nature to do ‘im out of the price of ‘is own daughter what he’s brought up, fed and clothed by the sweat of ‘is brow till she’s growed big enough to be interesting to you two gentlemen? Well, is five pounds unreasonable? I’ll put it to you, and I’ll leave it to you.

Being a victim brings a multitude of privileges several which are:

• You are not responsible for what happened to you

• You are always morally right

• You are not accountable to anyone for anything

• You are forever entitled to sympathy

• You are always justified in feeling moral indication for being wronged

• You never have to be responsible again for anything

This list is definitely not exclusive. New benefits of victimhood are being discovered every day. If you want to be a victim, all you have to do is pretend are being oppressed by:

• Caucasian heterosexual males

• Republicans (either male or female)

• Conservatives (male or female)

• Businessmen or women( little Eichmann)

• Capitalist

• Rich people

• Christians

• U.S. Military

• Americans (as a general group)

• Israelis (Jews, Zionist or war criminals)

If you fall under any of these categories you become a “sacred cow” with extended privileges:

• An underrepresent race (whoever is the minority at the time. The white man is barred from sacred cow hood)

• An underrepresented gender (males are prohibited)

• An underrepresented sexual orientation(heterosexuals prohibited)

• A Nation without land( See CIA Terrorists group list, Hamas, Fatah)

• A Nation the U.S. has a disagreement with

• A religion stuck in the middle ages (Islam)

• A person who was shot while kicking the crap out of your oppressor (See above list)

You can petition to become a victim if meet one of the following criteria:

 • MSNBC asks you too

• You appeared on a talk show and spilled you guts about some distasteful event (Google Lewinsky)

• You use drugs or alcohol because of your oppressor

• You are sorry for your reprehensible behavior but it was Bush’s fault.

• You are incompetent of you job because of someone else’s behavior or just say you have AADD…either way works

• If you are a nation or religion (Islam)… It’s a safe bet if you pick the Jews

• If you have financial problems and cannot pay your credit cards or loans then you are a victim of Capitalism(socialism does not count)

• If you attract Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ramsey Clark, Chris Matthews or Bianca Jagger then you are immediately a victim.( see , Tawana Brawley, Crown Heights Riot, Chris Lane, Trayvon Martin, Trayvon Martin, Trayvon Martin, Trayvon Martin, and Trayvon Martin)

Once you receive your victim status you must maintain it by;

• Having a ready list of people, nations, religion, groups ect. to blame

• Use Television to tell you story as often as possible (MSNBC has a special department that will with work with for you… sorry did not mean to scare you.)

• Never take responsible for your behavior in public.

• Remember you are the victim so by default have the moral authority

• Become a spokesperson or talk on a radio stations that supports your cause. (usually the AM band)

Your ranking of victimhood is determined by a standard (remember the goal is to be victims) first discovered by the “Liberalism University of Victimhood”  and used by the liberal media and several organizations as well to score the level of victimhood; (Motto: All the news that fits, we print)

H/T to ShrinkWrapped)


All men start at 0.

All women start at +5.


 • White: (M) -5 (F) 0

• American Black: (M/F) +4

• African Black: +5 if oppressed by whites (If not oppressed by Whites, no need to write about them since the editorial board doesn’t think they are interesting enough to warrant more than an occasional story.)

• American Hispanic: (M/F) +3 (American Hispanic with no accent are +1)

• American Oriental: (M) 0 (F) -1 (-10 if Michelle Malkin)

• Palestinian: (M) +5 (F) +2 (Add +2 if a suicide bomber.)

• Religious Orientation

• Christian: (M) -5 (F) -3

• Minority Christian: (M/F) 0

• Secular Christian: (M) +1 (F) +2 (Hillary Clinton +5)

• Evangelical: (M/F) -5

• Jewish: (M/F) 0

• Orthodox Jewish: (M/F) -1

• Ultra-Orthodox: (M/F) -3

• Secular Jewish: (M/F)+2 (If pro Palestinian:+5)

• Islamic: (M) +2 (F) -3

• Fundamentalist Islam: (M) +5 (F) +5

Socio-economic Class

• American Poor: If a Minority, +2 for an unemployed male, +3 for an unemployed female, and +5 for an unemployed single mother. If White, -2 if a male (they are all racists) and -1 for a female; +2 if a single mother.

• Non-American Poor: They can be ignored since there are so many of them.

• Middle Class: Only if a Minority as the safest course; White only if their stories if they are critical of a Republican party’s economic policies.

• Non American Middle Class: There aren’t any, as far as the MSNBC ed. board can determine.

• Wealthy: If Minority, only write rare stories about the lingering effects of racism. If White, see rates for political orientation.

• Non American Wealthy: If they became rich through administering Western donations, especially through the UN, ignore; if they became rich through business, they are oppressors and fair game.

Political Orientation:

• Left/Liberal: (M) +3 (F) +5

• Moderate: (M/F) 0

• Conservative: If a White male, -2; a White female, -3; if a Minority male, -4; Minority female, -5.

• Sexual Orientation:

• Heterosexual: If male, married, and faithful, -4; if publicly found to be unfaithful, -2 unless on Larry King or Barbara Walters with their wife, in which case they have a +5 added. If they are found to be unfaithful with another man, +5. If a woman, fidelity is unimportant.

• Homosexual: If male, +3; if HIV positive, +4. If female, +2.

• Transgendered: +2 in all situations except +4 if their former spouse is publicly “understanding” of their tragic dilemma.

Special situations:

 • All who are pro abortion on demand without restrictions receive +5. All who support restrictions of any kind receive -4, but Minority women receive -5.

• If a person with a base score >0 has a disability, +4; if they have a base score <0, -4.

• If a female with a base score >0 is young and attractive, +4, if blond +5; if young, attractive, blond, and a missing person believed to be the victim of foul play, +10. (If a Minority woman who is missing and believed to be the victim of foul play, can run a story about her in a 1:10 ratio with the blond female.)






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