PoliticoUSA: ‘Fox News Poll Finds Disapproval Of GOP Skyrocketing’

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PoliticoUSA published an OpEd recently claiming a Fox News poll conducted in the midst of a government shutdown indicates the disapproval of the Republican Party has skyrocketed.

According to the Fox News poll, disapproval of the Republican Party has jumped from 46% in September of 2012 to 59% today. Disapproval of the GOP has climbed from 54% in January to 56% in April to nearing 60% today. Approval of the Republican Party has fallen from 45% to 35%. In contrast, Democratic Party unfavorability has stayed stable in the Fox poll at between 48% and 49% all through 2013.

Support for repealing the ACA has dropped from 39% in June to 30% today. This could mean that the linking of funding the government to defunding or delaying the ACA has completely backfired on the Republican Party. The number of Americans who think that they will be better off under Obamacare has risen by 7 points from 34% to 41%, and by a margin of 36%-19% respondents thought that Ted Cruz’s fake filibuster hurt efforts to repeal the ACA.

In the words of Warren Buffet; “A Public-opinion poll is no substitute for thought.”

I can understand PoliticoUSA’s need to sooth its readers before someone spontaneously combust on the National Mall lawn or drive into the barry-cades because Obama was stalking her. So there really is a genuine need to keep the readers believing President Stompy foot is swaying voters away from the GOP party.

The behavior of House Republicans isn’t just hurting their 2014 chances. It is damaging the whole Republican Party. When a Fox News poll finds a sizable margin of people are blaming the Republicans things are really bad. The Fox News polls have always shaded their questions with loaded terms, so it means a lot when a poll that is normally friendly to the GOP finds things going this badly.

The left whom normally view Fox News as bias, untrustworthy and a talking piece of the teapublicans must have been excited to hear about it. The chances of the readers viewing the polls to decipher the tidbits of information are slim to none and need left-wing dingbats like Politico to explain it to minimize the bed wetting.

They linked to two separate polls; one from Fox News and the other from CBS. Both polls were conducted on the eve of the shutdown and carried out by random phone calls across the Nation totaling 1973 potential voters. It is unclear whether CBS poll asked registered voters or not. Each poll asked various questions and quite frankly… the only thing that can be taken from the them is that everyone believes the Government has a spending problem. The CBS poll shows that 76% believe both President Obama and Congressional Republicans should compromise. Fox News poll has a 51% disapproval of Obama’s handling of Healthcare and I suspect that number will rise dramatically in the next several days while people try to sign onto broke system only to find out they will be paying premiums enormously higher than what they are accustomed too.

Harry Reid, Ted Cruz and John Boehner are tied at the 21-22% favorable rating and the Democrats Party can boast about a 10 point lead above Republicans. President Stompy Foot unfavorable rating is now at 50% which is a 4 point jump from July.

You can convince a lot of people to eat a casserole made out of dog poop and they will never noticed. Mixed in and seasoned with onions it is hardly noticeable. The MSG from the mushroom soup will kill off any bacteria and negate the fecal taste. As I listen to liberals and hear downright anger, blatant lies and cover-ups throughout their leadership and media, I am compelled to think of those who are creating the lies believe if they never mention the 1/2 cup of dog poop then they really are not lying.

It doesn’t matter how much the left want to spin these polls to tickling their readers ears. Overall… the people are sick and tired of the romper room politics in D.C.

After shutting down war memorials, FLOTUS threatening to stop tweeting, kicking out senior citizens from their homes and shutting down the ocean, Democrats will not be able to exempt themselves from the 2014 elections neither. Obama and his minions in Congress are ignoring the 76% of the people polled (CBS) who think they should negotiate . Instead.. he took a route no other President has ever taken and closed up shop.

Both parties have die hard loyalist that can be served a crap casserole, gobble it down and ask for seconds. Romney wasn’t lying about the 47% and believe it or not… Republicans also have a loyal following. That leaves the independent voters stuck in the middle to swing the pendulum in what ever direction they decide. Unlike the party hacks… they actually read the labels before chowing down.

P.T. Barnum coined the phrase; “There is an ass for every seat” and no matter what the show or price… some idiot is going to buy  it. Right now…Obama circus tent is jammed packed full of people watching his show enjoying the entrees on his menu.

Obama and the Democrat have placed all their eggs into the Affordable Care Act basket. They were ill prepared for the onslaught of web traffic and underestimating the amount of people that will be pissed once they see the prices they are being forced to buy. So the left-wing media have been scrambling to find more Chris Henderson poster children to sweeten the pie before that bitter taste kicks in.

So if PoliticoUSA wants to sooth the left with a poll taken during first days of a shutdown… let them. Personally, I am not surprised at the poll results after Ted Cruz showboating and the mass media working non stop in the kitchen. Tomorrow Fox News will be untrustworthy and bias again, the left will be back at the trough asking for another heaping spoon and President Stompy Foot will continue his tantrum. But for now….. the poll has a purpose.

Let’s tally up all the broken toys President Obama has created during his tantrum:

1. Treatments for Children Suffering From Cancer – The GOP have agreed to a compromise by funding part of the government, including the National Institutes of Health, which offers children with cancer last-chance experimental treatment. Obama has threatened to veto this funding.

2. The World War II Memorial – The WWII memorial on the DC Mall is a 24/7 open-air memorial that is not regularly staffed. Although the White House must have known that WWII veterans in their eighties and nineties had already booked flights to visit this memorial, the White House still found the resources to spitefully barricade the attraction.

The Republican National Committee has offered to cover any costs required to keep the memorial open. The White House refused. Moreover, like the NIH, the GOP will pass a compromise bill that would fund America’s national parks. Obama has threatened to veto that bill.

3. Furloughed Military Chaplains Not Allowed to Work for Free - Furloughed military chaplains willing to celebrate Mass and baptisms for free have been told they will be punished for doing so.

4. Business Stops In Florida KeysAlthough the GOP have agreed to compromise in the ongoing budget stalemate and fund the parks, Obama has threatened to veto that funding. As a result, small businesses, hunters, and commercial fisherman can’t practice their trade. While the feds have deemed the personnel necessary to keep this area open “non-essential,” the “enforcement officers” to ensure no business is done are “essential.”

5. Obama Blacks Out Sports, Entertainment Programming to Overseas Troops – The American Forces Network (AFN) that provides American sports and entertainment programming to our troops stationed abroad, has been shut down. For some reason, though, AFN News will still broadcast news, just not any of the popular and fun stuff.

Camp David is essential, but popular programming for heroes overseas is non-essential.

6. Obama Closes D-Day MemorialThe GOP have offered to compromise and fund the National Parks. Obama has said he will veto this compromise legislation. As a result, along with 24 other military cemeteries, the D-Day memorial in Normandy has been barricaded.

7. Obama Tries to Close Privately-Funded Mt. Vernon – Although George Washington’s Mt. Vernon estate is privately funded, the feds blocked visitors from entering the parking area because the Park Service maintains the lot. Apparently, the New Media publicity resulted in the feds backing down.

8. Obama Closes Over 100 Privately-Managed Parks That Cost No Money to Run –  The U.S. Treasury actually makes money from the rent paid by a private company that “employs about 400-500 camp workers and managers across about a dozen states.” No federal money is used to operate these parks. No federal employees are used to staff these parks. Taxpayers make a profit from these parks. Still, Obama had them closed and as a result 400-500 employees and a private business are taking it in the neck.

9. Obama Closes Self-Sustaining Colonial Farm It Hasn’t Supported Since 1980“For the first time in 40 years, the National Park Service (NPS) has finally succeeded in closing the Farm down to the public. In previous budget dramas, the Farm has always been exempted since the NPS provides no staff or resources to operate the Farm.”

10. Obama Tries to Close State-Run Parks in Wisconsin – “The park service ordered state officials to close the northern unit of the Kettle Moraine, Devil’s Lake, and Interstate state parks and the state-owned portion of the Horicon Marsh, but state authorities rebuffed the request because the lion’s share of the funding came from state, not federal coffers.”

11. Obama Closes Vietnam MemorialThe GOP have passed compromise legislation that would fund national memorials and parks, and open them to the public. Obama threatened a veto. Apparently, the “essential” government employees are those erecting barricades, not those who could keep the memorial open.

12. Obama Closes Privately-Owned Hotel, Police Block Parking Lot – “The operator of a 51-room inn located on U.S. government-owned land in North Carolina abandoned his defiant stance on Thursday to keep the property open despite being ordered to close as part of the federal government shutdown.”

October is this inn’s prime season. The GOP have offered compromise funding opening the parks. Obama said he will veto that compromise.

State troopers blocked customers from entering the inn’s parking lot.

13. Park Service Ranger: ‘We’ve Been Told to Make Life As Difficult For People As We Can’“It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

14. Obama Forces Residents Out of Private Homes – “The government shutdown is being felt close to home for some locals. They say they’re being forced out of private homes on Lake Mead because they sit on federal land.”

The GOP have agreed to fund the parks. Obama has threatened a veto.

15. Acadia Park In Maine Shut Down – ‘”We’ve been training for two years at CrossFit for this hike — no kidding,” Hart said. She added that the shutdown should be as inconvenient for the Washington politicians who caused it as it is for average citizens.’

The GOP have agreed to fund the parks. Obama said he will veto.

16. Historic Restaurant Open During Last Shutdown Forced to Close – “An iconic Philadelphia restaurant has been forced to close its doors and turn away booked parties because of the government shutdown. …

“Restaurant public relations director Molly Yun said they were notified there was a possibility a closure might happen, but they were allowed to remain open during the last government shutdown 17 years ago.”

The restaurant is part of the federal park system, which the GOP have agreed to fund. Obama said he will veto the funding.

17. Obama Shuts Down a Road Tha Goes Through CO Park:The Forest Service announcement, in turn, led the Pitkin County commissioners to order that Maroon Creek Road be shut down at the height of the colorful leaf-changing season. Ahead of what is to be one of the busiest weekends of the fall, the road is to be closed to vehicles at T-Lazy-7 Ranch, pending a resolution to the government shutdown.”

The GOP have agreed to fund the parks. Obama said he will veto that compromise funding.

18. Residents Plan Protest of Cape Hatteras Closing - “Businesses and residents on the Outer Banks have planned a peaceful protest of the closure of Hatteras Island’s beaches due to the government shut down.

“The U.S. House Wednesday passed a measure to reopen national parks and monuments. It will now go to the U.S. Senate.”

In the unlikely event the Democrat Senate passes the bill, Obama has threatened a veto of any compromise legislation opening the parks.

9. Obama Blocks People From LOOKING at Mt. Rushmore – “Blocking access to trails and programs at South Dakota’s most popular attraction was one thing, but state officials didn’t expect Congress’ budget stalemate to shut down a view of Mount Rushmore.

“The National Park Service placed cones along highway viewing areas outside Mount Rushmore this week, barring visitors from pulling over and taking pictures of the famed monument.

The cones first went up Oct. 1, said Dusty Johnson, Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s chief of staff. The state asked that they be taken down, and federal officials did so with some of them. The state was told the cones were a safety precaution to help channel cars into viewing areas rather than to bar their entrance.”

20. Crucial USDA Websites Taken Down – “The U.S. Department of Agriculture has turned off its entire website in response to the government shutdown, leaving farmers, reporters and others with no way to access any of the agency’s information online. …

“USDA’s total website shutdown goes far beyond the response of other federal agencies, and seems to be part of an effort to make people feel the effects of the shutdown. Thursday morning calls to USDA’s press office seeking an explanation were not answered.”

This website is down and yet the ObamaCare and White House websites are up.

21. St. Louis Gateway Arch ClosedThe GOP have agreed to compromise legislation funding the parks. Obama has threatened a veto.

22. Park Shutdown Bounces Rowers from Potomac – “The ripple effect of a government shutdown has pushed rowers from the Potomac River.

“Multiple high schools rent space at the Thompson Boat Center in Georgetown. But like other places controlled by the National Park Service, it closed Tuesday morning.”

The GOP have agreed to compromise funding opening the parks. Obama has threatened a veto.

23. Thompson Boat Center Closed In DC – The GOP have agreed to fund the parks. Obama said he will veto.

24. Obama Closes Military Commissary – “Military members, veterans and families who shop at local tax-free store are shocked to discover the store’s doors locked; no progress to end stalemate in Washington.”

While the government has deemed the White House chefs “essential,” working class military personnel have lost their tax-free store privileges.

Military personnel and their families tell me that they have never lost these privileges in previous shutdowns.

25. Arizona Offers to Fund Grand Canyon, Obama Says ‘Drop Dead’ - “Obama has ordered the Grand Canyon to stay closed, even after the state of Arizona and local businesses have offered to cover the costs necessary to keep it open. In other words, the shutdown isn’t about the money — it’s about hurting the American people just because he can.”


H/T to Breitbart for the list

EDIT: The original post stated it was from Politico when it was suppose to be PoliticoUSA which is a liberal blog riding on the coat tails of the of the more main stream publication

A public-opinion poll is no substitute for thought.
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