Liberal Logic 101

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The right “work” to better their lives and the “left” vote to better theirs. According to Arthur Brooks book, “Who Really Cares; The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservatism,” conservatives give 30% more than liberals even though liberal household incomes are higher and those of faith contribute more than the secularist.

Even though conservatives are more informed, more giving, and more open-minded, liberals still tend to explain policy disagreements by suggesting evil motives like selfishness, intolerance or bigotry while conservatives tend to believe that liberals might mean well but are just misguided.

This election was no different. The GOP was battered with hate filled messages by the left. Even though there are substantial amount of evidence pointing to wide spread voter fraud in every swing state, conservatives should just allow the liberals to have what they want. The flooding of entitlement programs bankrupt NYC in the early 70′s, America will eventually collapse due to the liberals logical of “give me more, so I can do less”.

 Liberal Logic 101

 Liberal Logic 101

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