The Obama Administration Has Targeted Churches

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The Obama administration has targeted Christian Churches with his overreaching snooping program. They chose to ignore the mosques that teach, promote and advocate violent Jihad. Instead they focus on the Christian Church. Why?

The simple answer would be… they view the Church as a political threat to the Obama administration. It’s not as if the Church has blown up anyone in the Boston Marathon, flown planes into a building or killed anyone at Fort Hood. By simply ignoring the Mosques that promote jihad, Obama revealed his nature; another terrorist coddling liberal who hates Christianity and America.

He chose to sleep with an enemy that screams “Allah Akbar” while killing thousands of Americans, then supported a monument built on the ashes where the body parts were scattered. Should we be surprised?
He made a deal with the Devil’s disciples in Egypt, supplied arms to Libya’s insurgents ,opened the cell and held open the door for the our Ambassador’s murderer. He supported and armed the militants that slaughtered an entire Christian village in Syria. Should we be surprised?

He took office and labeled any Christian, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Constitution, and pro-Bible group a “potential home grown terrorist.” He refused to talk about Islamic atrocities, avoided discussions of Jihad, and censored literature of Islamic terrorism from our military colleges. Discussions of Islam and terrorism are demonized as hate speech by their cult members. They peddle their class warfare, homophobia, sexism, racism or whatever ‘ism’ hate-filled-porn that their parasitic minds can conceive. Should we be surprised?

They attacked studies revealing over 2/3 of America’s mosques promote, peddle or advocate violent Jihad by calling it hate literature. They protect “breeding grounds” for violence and terrorism like a sacred cow. They ignored Fort Hood when the defendant admitted his motives were Islamic.
Are you surprised?

I certainly was not!

They aim to break America’s spirit by attacking our traditions, stomping on our flag, mugging our accomplishments, raping our memories, polluting our principles and corrupting our children. They steal from us for some failed social program and champion sodomy in front of our children.

Gaypride 209x300 The Obama Administration Has Targeted Churches

Gay Pride parade

They want you to be obedient lambs while they feed you to the lions. They violated our Constitutional rights with an illegal gag order censoring the Church from the electoral process. If our Christian leaders are so willing to lead their flock to slaughter, they could at least allow the congregation to sing the hymn “Am I A Soldier Of The Cross?”

I would proudly take a tax penalty instead of being stifled. We are the largest institution in America, but we allowed one bitter and disgruntle liberal to silence us with an unlawful amendment slipped into the tax code without a single debate, discussion or whimper from our leaders. And the Church still remains silent….

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